Welcome to therapy with Jenny Williams, LMSW. I offer therapy for adults, teens and couples in the bustling Flatiron District of Manhattan. For those seeking something a little outside the box, my contemporary approach combines talk therapy, mindfulness, and cutting edge brain-body therapies to help clients live their best lives. I also offer coaching and consulting services.

Paying it forward

Whenever I experience something truly life-changing (Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip ice-cream for example) I want other people to experience it too. I chose to become a psychotherapist because therapy continues to be profoundly invaluable in my own journey from inner turmoil to a life where I'm excited to get up in the morning (okay not so much in the winter or on Mondays). I'm a huge fan of paying it forward, and I do this work because I am deeply invested in helping others who feel hopeless, stuck, anxious, or lonely – as I have done at points in my life. I believe that everyone deserves a skilled, dedicated advocate and ally, and access to the right resources to support them when life gets complicated. Because I know the power of good psychotherapy and the power of YOU, I'm so glad that you've landed here and are considering diving in.

When life gets complicated

Whether you're having trouble managing the common but demanding problems of the day-to-day (we all do sometimes), struggling to navigate a major life transition, or find yourself faced with extraordinary difficulties such as loss, addiction, or trauma, psychotherapy can be a powerful tool to transform your quality of life and relationships. Therapy can help you: —Alleviate Stress, Depression & Anxiety —Overcome Insecurity, Fears & Phobias —Enjoy More Satisfying Relationships —Recover from Trauma, PTSD or Addiction —Navigate Major Life or Work Transitions —Enhance Performance in Acting, Art, Sport, Business or Public Speaking

Let's connect shall we?

If you're feeling stuck, anxious, or overwhelmed, or you're frustrated that you're not reaching your full potential in any aspect of life, work, art, or relationships - let's talk! I am committed to helping people like you (and me) live happier, healthier, and more relaxed lives. As a next step, I encourage you to book a session via email, or give me a call at 646.449.0491 to schedule a session. You can also read more about me, the ways we can work together, check out my blog posts to learn more about how I think and work, explore the most frequently asked questions people have when considering my services, or contact me to set up a complimentary 20-minute initial phone consult so that I can answer any other questions you might have.

I look forward to being of support to you.